1342 Nepalese have come by 9 Flights:

July 2, 2020

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has informed that total 1,342 Nepali citizens were evacuated on Wednesday via 9 different repatriated flights from different countries around the globe. Today many other Nepali citizens will come via 6 other flights.

According to TIA, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) conducted three flights where 145 passengers from Doha in Qatar along with one dead body, 257 passengers and 11 dead bodies from Saudi Arabia and 146 passengers from United Arab Emirates (UAE) were also brought home. Similarly, Himalaya Airlines also evacuated 152 passengers from UAE, 152 passengers from Qatar. At the same time, Fly Dubai repatriated 158 passengers. Malaysia Airlines evacuated 13 passengers from Malaysia and two aircraft of Jazeera Airways repatriated 159 and 160 passengers, respectively, from Kuwait.

Furthermore, a total of six repatriation flights have been scheduled on Thursday. As per TIA, repatriation flights will be conducted from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Maldives and Malaysia on Thursday. At the same time, eight domestic flights were also conducted on Wednesday.

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