Miserable Condition of Tourism Industry in Nepal:

23 June 2020

Current ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has created lots of problems in various
sectors and especially in Tourism sector as it covers many small industries.
Tourism industry is ‘Industry of industries’ and it is ‘Backbone of world
economy’. Various industries like, hotels, small and cottages industries, handicraft
and many service based cum product and arts based industries are associated with
tourism industries. So, since Nepal has been facing increasing rate of Coronavirus
infection and lockdown as its consequences is leading the industry towards dark-
age. Contemporary situation is already miserable; within the lockdown of 3 months
more than 1, 000 people committed suicide including within quarantine and about
2 dozen people have lost their life due to Coronavirus pandemic.

This ongoing crisis is leading community towards frustration, irritation, anxiety or
simply people are living with tension, mental stress of financial burden. Only few
people are active in new creation and they are managing mental stress and other. If
not even after getting permission to reopen industries; they are not able to run in
full occupancy as there lays lack of workers, labor and raw materials. Industries are
not able to transport and sell as per normal days. In this condition, many industries,
hotels are remaining close since 24 th March when lockdown started in Nepal at the
first time. It is sure that travel offices will remain silence for long period of time
even after the end of lockdown. Except emergency work and business purpose,
people won’t travel for many years because travel comes under luxury lifestyle that
has to be done only after fulfilling the basic needs.


Thamel, most important place for tourism in Nepal that lay in capital city
Kathmandu is very silence during these days. In Thamel area there are thousandsof offices, shops, hotels and many other facilities, service and product base tourism
related industries that are opened targeting tourists but due to ongoing crisis they
all have got most terrible situation. Recently a sad news comes from Thamel as
only few dozens of shops were found opened and there was no any excitement
among them as business was almost calm. One of the businessman explained that
only about 2 dozen of shops are opened during these days. Bank did not convert
dollar for last 3 months. House rent is imposed to be paid where there is no
income. Due various crisis more than 160 shops, businesses have been closed
within this short period of time and they have despaired form tourism industry
forever. At the same time many hotels are ‘on sell’ due to no income, no subsides,
economically burden and many more. Thamel is the representative of the tourism
industry as another important touristic destination of Nepal, Lakeside Pokhara,
Sauraha Chitwan, Ghalegaun, Muktinath, Janakpur and all other parts are also
sharing the bitter experiences. There are no tourism activities in most crowded in
Lakeside of Lakeside Pokhara. Hostellers in Chitwan are feeling pain as they are
not able to feed Elephant due to no income.

Nepal was supposed to celebrate ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ in huge manger as it had
organized various promotional campaigns in many other countries in the globe.
Targeting to ‘Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign’ many new investor including old, had
invested huge amount in tourism. There was another reason for being more
confident in investment was Nepal had got permanent government and political
stability. But Coronavirus that started form last December from Wuhan created
great impact in Tourism and all human activities. Untimely, people turn into
frustration and traumatic condition so that many of them have got mental,
economic, physical problems which will have lasting effect in the society and

Government of Nepal is trying to lunch recovery campaign but it is still limited in
speech and declaration only. Many economically back-warded people are still
deprived from even relief package to fulfill basic needs. Similarly, various sectors
are willing relief package, subsidies, recovery fund and many more but it is also
not being success in the field. But still government seems trying its best within
limited sources. So, during this time, policy maker must have well power to make
very strong and visionary plan to boost the tourism industry and national economy.
For that policy maker and government authorities must sit together with other

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  1. Claire Griffiths

    Very very sad to hear things are so bad in the beautiful country of Nepal. All I can really say is that I hope tourism and manufacturing will start soon X

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