About 6 Lakh People Leave Kathmandu for Festivals:

October 23, 2020

The traffic police record shows that about 6 Lakh people leave Kathmandu for Dashain and other festivals via 152,638 public vehicles. This is the record taken from September 17 to October 20.

The report further shows, around 620,089 people entered the Valley via 153,610 vehicles for various reasons. The previous years a record says around 3 million people used to leave the Valley during the festive season. As the nationwide lockdown implemented to curb the novel coronavirus ended, the number of people entering the Valley has increased from mid-September.

This year, festivals are not going to be any special as various local governments have already announced prohibitory order in various places and pilgrimages are supposed to remain closed during festivals.  The income of citizens is also badly impacted due to coronavirus where there won’t be any social gathering to celebrate festivals during this year.


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