Nepal is a country of great Himalayas. This country is also known as the country of highest mountain of the world Mt. Everest (8848m from sea level) and Gautam Buddha (Light of Asia). This is second richest country in water resource. This country is geographically diverse so that it has different topography, climate, culture and many more.

Because of diverse quality, Nepal has great potentialities in Agriculture, Hydropower and Tourism. If we will be able to develop Agriculture, we will be able to independent in the context of day to day food and also can supply different products, herbs to international market.

Similarly, if we will concentrate on hydropower, it will be another great source of foreign currency. Here is another significant area to emphasis from every level that is Tourism Industry which is “Industry of Industries” as it covers every dimensions, areas, products and sectors that are related to human life.

Nepal has about 60 years of history on Tourism but it is not develop as expected. Still it has multi-dimensions to be developed; limited efforts by limited sectors (Private) is not enough. For development, promote and promotion of Tourism Industry every concern levels e.g. individual, private sector, local level and national as well as international level must work in joint venture.

So, in order to make result oriented combination of entire concern parties of Tourism Himalayan Tourism Media Network Pvt. Ltd has been established and launching after getting license from Department of Information and Broadcasting Nepal.

The Himalayan Tourism is newly established (2020 AD) digital media to give well and professional platform to promote Tourism Business nationally and internationally. Nepal has more potentiality in tourism sector and it has been already listed as one of the best places to have adventurous tourism.

It has many uniqueness in almost of the sectors. Its culture, ethnicity, geography, topography, religious harmony, natural vegetation, endanger animals and world heritage sites are exceedingly recognized for world. Due to its diversity in every sector Nepal is also called “Nepal is world in itself”.

The Himalayan Tourism News has:

Mission: to capture entire activities related to Tourism of Nepal and abroad.

It has also

Goal: To work with all national, international, NGOs/INGOs, governmental, Private, Local level and all concern parties to provide them a huge, authentic and professional platform to promote their tourism business.

This media is working with the

Slogan: “Tourism is backbone of world Economy”.

In conclusion this media has plan to work with all concern organization to develop national/international tourism and to help people to keep smile through economic growth, cultural exchange, universal brotherhood/sisterhood.

 Our Objectives:

  • To become an authentic source of information, news, business platform  related to tourism in order to enhance domestic and international tourism activities and business lunched by government level, private sector, local level and other concern parties which are promoting our unity in diversity in various sectors e.g.; geographical, topographical, ecological, cultural, ethnical, religious as well as giving popularity of our domestic products, historically important things, natural beauty, world heritages, endanger animals and world most adventurous tourism place.
  • To inspire to lunch yoga practice and learning center through yoga training center and to encourage to launched Ayurveda Research Center in order to enhance tourism sector.
  • To conduct various seminar, interaction program in associate with various NGOs / INGOs who are working for tourism of Nepal and to dig-out tourism related problems and to find the solution for its development.