Asar 15 is Especial for Farmer in Nepal:

Asar 15 is Especial for Farmer in Nepal:

29 June 2020

According to the Nepali calendar, today is Asar 15 that is especially noted in the agricultural sector where 74 per cent of people are engaged. This year, the government of Nepal through agricultural ministry have done just a formal program to address this great day of the farmer as the country is in the crisis created by Coronavirus pandemic.

Today, the Nepali community celebrates it as a feast also where beaten rice and curd (DAHI CHIURA) is especial food items for today. This season is especially to cultivate rice in every possible area of the nation as it is summer season with rain.

In another word, Asar 15 is well known as Paddy Day in Nepal.  Farmers are celebrating the Day by planting paddy seedlings to the tune of Asare folk songs which is most popular among Nepali fold song. During the day, girls and boys add romance by splashing muddy water at each other amidst a song. The most popular song for this occasion is, ‘CHHUPU MA CHHUPU HILOMA DHANA ROPERA CHHODAUNLA, BANAI KULO LAGAI PANI AERA GODAUNLA,’ that resonates across the rice fields.

Nepal has been celebrating Asar 15 as the Paddy Day since June 29, 2005, as cabinet meeting on December 14, 2004, decided to celebrate Asar 15 as the Paddy Day. Rice is planted in 47 per cent of the total cultivable land in Nepal, of which 70 per cent of land lies in the Tarai region.

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