Bharatpur hasn’t got anticipated Tourism Development even after new powerful Local Government:

August 29, 2020

The Bharatpur metropolitan city in Chitwan, Nepal is one of the most popular places for tourism as Chitwan national park belongs to it with many feature and tourists mostly visiting for adventurous tourism activities. Not only that, but it is also very popular for political power as it is the place of most powerful political leaders Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) where his own daughter, Renu Dahal is leading the Metropolitan city as a mayor.

It has many scopes of tourism as it has many natural beauties and most importantly it was already popular in the world with the name of Chitwan National park, Rhinos, Jungal Safari, Elephant rides and many more. But, it was not enough and the ultimate goal of the local tourism where many things were expected with new management with political guidelines cum focus. Entrepreneur and tourism concern people were expecting a tremendous change in tourism by the leader Renu Dahal where she seems the failure to introduce and implement any new significant campaign for tourism.

In Bharatpur, Chitwan the Bharatpur Airport that lies in the central part of the city offered four domestic airlines and one government airline with seven to 11 flights daily to Kathmandu. It is connected by Mahendra East-West Highway with various parts of the country. Communication system likely and line telephone, mobile phone and Internet service were developed earlier which has not been extended in current days as per the expectation.

Surah area is one of the popular places for tourism in Chitwan where hotels, restaurants and others are still wishing to get some positive change and some steps to be taken during this pandemic. No matter what the situation is created by Coronavirus pandemic but national cum local tourism industry is expecting parental care, guideline and support by the local government as well local government like Bharatpur metropolitan city.

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