Britain Stopped Travelers from Denmark:

November 11, 2020

The British Government has decided to stop all tourists from Denmark. Britain informed on Saturday that it is banning entry to visitors from Denmark in order to response outbreaks of coronavirus on Danish mink farms.

Due to Covid-19 new record, Denmark has announced strict new lockdown rules. This action has been taken after authorities discovered a mutated coronavirus strain in the animals. Just after the case in Denmark, Britain responded by announcing on Thursday that all travellers arriving from the country would be required to self-isolate on arrival to control the spread. The government now imposed a total ban on arrivals from Denmark.

British transport minister Grant Shapps said that travellers arriving into the UK from Denmark will not be permitted entry into the UK. Furthermore, Britain’s transport department informed all non-British nationals or resident travellers who have been in or transited through Denmark in the last 14 days would be denied entry for time being.

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