CAAN got a Green Signal form EU for Removing Nepal from Aviation Safety List:

December 7, 2020

The ban of Nepali airlines was continued by the European Aviation Agency since July which was continuing since last 7 years. But recent news came with a positive message as the EU gave green signal to remove Nepal from its safety list.

For long periods of time, the EU was demanding for revising of civil aviation policies and reducing helicopter accident rates in the country, Nepal. The government of Nepal had been working on splitting CAAN into operational and regulating bodies, which was among the issues raised by the EU to get Nepal off from its air safety list. At least at the end of 2020, the result of hardworking made by CAAN is getting positive.

Recently, the European Union (EU) has given the positive message that it will remove Nepal from the aviation safety list in the nearest future. EU has appreciated the effort made by the nation to address the challenges of aviation safety. The aviation legislation that was proposed on the table of parliament was remarkable for this signal. EU has said that it would be key for this legislation to be adopted by the Parliament and subsequently implemented. After some procedures, it would allow the Commission to advance with the process of eventually removing Nepal from the EU air safety list.

The process will be; (1) a technical meeting (in Brussels) with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to review the progress made, (2) a subsequent on-site visit to Nepal by DG MOVE, EASA, and (3) air safety experts from member states. In this process, a site visit by EU has been given high emphasis as it is needed in order to make a determination about the effective implementation of the safety enhancements. At the same time, during the third process, it will be enacting the eventual removal from the EU Air Safety List by way of a Commission proposal to be endorsed by the EU Air Safety Committee.

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