Celebration of 62 Years History by NAC:

July 2, 2020

The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has marked its 62 years history of its service today. It was established in 1958. During this long period, NAC has witnessed lots of obstacles and now it has got the betterment; it is said in a press statement issued today.

In the statement, NAC claims that it will be strengthening itself for the betterment of the country’s tourism sector. NAC expressed its responsible as it said, “NAC has to play a huge role in developing the country’s tourism sector so the management team of NAC is planning to promote NAC in company model.” Before this, a task force formed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) to study NAC’s status had also recommended the government to operate NAC in company model.

Sushil Ghimire, the executive chairperson of NAC, has stated that it will be transformed into company model by the next year so that it will get tremendous changes in its development. It was further informed that NAC is coordinating with concerned authorities to expand domestic and international flights. Likewise, more international flights will be scheduled once the situation settles down, he further added.

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