Commemorates of Matseyandranath and Anniversary of

25 April, 2020
Kathmandu valley commemorates a festival (JATRA) on the glory of Yogi
Matseyanandranath today which is the day of fifth anniversary of devastating
earthquake on Nepal 2015 too. More than 1600 years history of Jatra got
commemorates at Lalitpur which continue for two months starting from Baisakha
Shukla Pratipada to Asar Shukla Chauthi every year. Due to Coronavirus pandemic
many Jatra all over the country were cancelled or postponed.
It has long history at it carries near about 2 century’s history. It is a longest Jatra
among so many Jatras of the valley. Matsenyanandrnath or Machindranath is
called Bunga Dyah in local Newar language, recognized by both Hindu and
Buddhists religion as an incarnation of Lord Shiva in Hindu and as an incarnation
of Avalokiteśvara in Buddhism. So, it is equally important for Hindu and Buddhist
This year is extremely distinct than the history due to new pandemic called
Coronavirus. In this crisis we can expect million of Kripas (bless) from Lord
Matsenyanandrnath. Today Rani Pokhari was supposed to be reopened after its
renovation. In this regards government of Nepal has to do many things for
reconstruction and renovation of various historical and archeological monuments.

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