Entrepreneurs at Thamel Demanding Revival of Business:

December 3, 2020

The hub for tourism activities, Thamel in Kathmandu Nepal is still seeking its revival in its normal life. These days, business entrepreneurs of Thamel are demanding permission for the resumption of night clubs, lounge bars, restaurants and hotels in the area.

The tourism activities and business has been paralyzed in the world due to the lockdown and restrictions as a consequence of Coronavirus pandemic. Although the government of Nepal has allowed all tourism activities with health measures some are still restricted. Realizing that tourism centred-enterprises are not encouraged in Thamel yet. So, the tourism entrepreneurs have started a movement under the leadership of Thamel Development Council. They wish to go normal for all the business but ready to maintain safety measures.

Ramesh Poudel, a tourism-entrepreneur drop his argument that we do not have high demands, we just want to resume the services abiding health safety guidelines prescribed for the sectors like ours. He further highlighted we want the permission by Nepal government to run night clubs, lounge bars, restaurants and hotels now as normal.

In fact, many entrepreneurs in Nepal had invested a huge amount in tourism by targeting ‘Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign.’ The situation created U-turn due to Coronavirus pandemic where many entrepreneurs have to coma and industry has got paralyzed. Although, Nepal government and its concern authority like MoCTCA and NTB are trying to introduce different package, campaign for recovery it is still not found enough.

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