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Fake it to Make it: 360-degree VR videos is there for you:

16 April, 2020

World has got lockdown so it is impossible to make travel around the world for real feelings, touch and experiences but during quarantine technical devices are most useful to have visual experience which help us to feel and imagine the real world staying in same place. In this 21st century scientist and technician have developed a most inspiring, useful device for virtual reality that can be most useful as travel is restricted due to lockdown.

As most of the counties are experiencing lockdown, destination marketers and other travel companies are dusting off and planning for virtual promotions designed to help travelers see the world from the safety of their home. With the help of this device user can see the object form various dimension which is like real world by naked eye. After the postponement of Olympics in Japan, Tourism Organization has created a 360-degree virtual reality movie experience that transports people to the sculptures of Naoshima, bamboo forests, Geisha performances and sumo wrestling as well as sushi making.

John Graham, president of Travel World VR, a Perillo company that produces virtual tours, said his company is aggressively promoting its products during this travel shutdown. “In today’s environment, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air,” said Graham. “We know it’s not going to take the place of going to Jamaica, but it’s going to keep interested people in traveling when they can actually go.”

Interested people can get 360-degree VR videos in “The people that embrace this tech now, when people start to travel again, they are going to be at the forefront,” he said. There are many other sources where we can have virtual tour made by many travel agencies to keep people busy in traveling

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