Futile Lockdown Increasing Risk of Virus Spreading in Kathmandu Valley:

8 th June 2020

It’s been more than 2 and half months of lockdown in Nepal where many people
are suffering from hunger and somehow starvation. By Coronavirus 14 people
have died till the date but more than that people died by hunger, frustration and
other reason. By knowing this situation Nepal government also introduces
relaxation policy in lockdown with 6 phase’s easy way. But people in the
Kathmandu valley started to ignore imposed lockdown by the government to check
the spread of the novel coronavirus. This movement has rise the risk of
Coronavirus infection and spreading inside Kathmandu valley.

In these days, a large number of people have been coming out of their homes to
earn their livelihood. Due to this the traffic flow has increased and cops stationed
across the valley have become negligent as far as imposing the lockdown is
concerned. As lockdown became uncertain to end the shopkeepers in New Road,
one of the busiest business centers in the valley, had called all traders to defy the
lockdown. This declaration was done on 3rd of June since then, traders, firms and
industries have begun defying the lockdown spontaneously, leading to resumption
of businesses.

In this regards the Deputy Inspector General and the spokesperson for Nepal Police
Niraj Bahadur Shahi said that we have not received any order from the government
to let people come out of their homes without an emergency. So we are mandated
to take action against those who come out of their homes defying the lockdown
without valid reasons or pass.

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