Halesi Mahadev Temple Reopened after 8 Months long Closure.

December 3, 2020

The Haleshi Mahadev temple in Khotang district of Nepal has been reopened after eight months of long closure. Now the public can visit the temple with health safety measure.  The temple was restricted to visit since March 21 due to Covid-19 threat in the area.

This most important temple is related to the Hindu God Lord Shiva. In the premises the Basaha cave and the main cave known as (Mahadev-Parbati Than). The Haleshi Tuwachung Municipality issued a notice to notify all those concerned and the devotees that the Haleshi shrine is reopened now. This shrine is equally important for the people who belong to Hindu, Buddhist and Kirant. Though it is mostly related to Hindu others are also giving high emphasis to this shrine.

As per the regulation, the mask is mandatory to all devotees where they need to maintain physical distance. Health measures must be applying while they are barred from taking along flowers, incense among others in the premises. There are other rules as in a single stretch, only 10 devotees can enter the Shrine. This is the all for maintaining physical distance to keep away Covid-19 spared.

Furthermore, devotees from various parts of the country and neighbouring countries from India, Bhutan and China among others visit this shrine in huge number in normal years. They visit this shrine to offer prayers to Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. Ram Navami, Shiva Ratri, Haribodhini Ekadashi, Buddha Jayanti and some other occasions are special in this temple.

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