Handigaun to be developed as Historic Tourism Area:

November 20, 2020

The Handigaun, located in Kathmandu valley is popular in all over Nepal. A proverb ‘KAHI NABHAYEKO JATRA, HADIGAUNMA’ is most popular with entire citizens of the nation. It means that there is a very uniqueness in Hadigaun. Recently, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Bidya Sundar Shakya showed his commitment to developing this area for historic and cultural area.

For the promotion and development of Handigaun as historic and cultural tourism area the local level government had already managed Rs 10 million; the mayor informed. He further said that it had been managed for the promotion and development of the historic and cultural Handigaun area. Mayor further expressed his realization that the responsibility of KMC to protect and promote temples, religious processions and festivals in Handigaun. The second oldest human settlement behind Sankhu in Kathmandu valley has great value for not only local people but it is equally important for all others. Mayor Shakya added; an archaeological study of the area will start soonest. At the same time, the foundation stone would be laid for construction of a house for keeping the special palanquin and idols of the deities in the temple within a month.

Mayor Shakya was in the field inspection of the reconstruction of historic Dhe: Chhe at Maligaun in KMC. The Dhe:Chhe is to reconstructed in ancient style. This is the most important temple for the Newar community as they have been observing Bhai Tika and Mha Puja during Tihar festival. Furthermore, the reconstruction cost is estimated to exceed Rs 20 million. The program and the campaign to establish Handigaun will help to enhance the tourism industry in Nepal. During this time, all local-level government are working for the promotion, development of locally available resources. Mostly, local-level governments are focusing on Agriculture, Hydropower and Tourism industry during this era as per the policy of the federal government.

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