Himalaya Airlines Published new Schedule effective from July 2:

July 3, 2020

The Himalaya Airlines, an authorized company by the Government of Nepal repatriation flights to rescue Nepali stranded in different countries due to Covid-19 pandemic, has shared the details of the repatriation flights that is effective from July 2.

According to the new schedule, the airlines conducted its flights to bring Nepali citizens from Dammam in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. As per the scheduled, the airlines’ aircraft will head towards Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Doha in Qatar on July 4. Likewise, on July 5, the Himalaya Airlines will conduct flights to Kuwait and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. In July 6, the flights will bring back a number of Nepalese stranded in Abu Dhabi and again from Doha and Kuala Lumpur on July 7. The following day, on July 8, the repatriation flights will bring Nepalese from Abu Dhabi as well as Tianjin in China.

Furthermore, on July 9, a number of Nepalese stranded in Dammam and Kuwait will be able to take flights back home. The flights will bring Nepalese home from Abu Dhabi and Dammam on July 10.

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  1. Dil Rana Magar

    I need ticket to back home ktm.Nepal I m sufferining from BP high taking medicine since the 4 months jobless visa already cancel no namelist out from embaasy I had fill rorm last 2 month . What is the easyway to take ticket ? My m no. 0564958608 Thanks

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