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How can We Associate Education with Travel?

Kathmandu (20 April, 2020)

Today, let’s forget coronavirus pandemic and talk about education and travel. Every one of us knows that ‘More we visit, more we can gather knowledge’. To widen the mind and education a student or any individual must visit every possible places in their lifetime. Many people are under the impression that traveling is something they can put on hold until later in life when they finish their studies or they get plenty of money in future. While some students choose to travel during the summer holiday, some take advantage of their gap year after graduating. A lot of students consider travel an excellent form of education or some student forcefully make traveling schedule for educational tour or field trip. For them, there are some ideas where a student can combine travel and education in this day and phase.

In general, college students love to explore everything no matter wherever in their own campus, the city life, the countryside, and even foreign states wherever possible.  College life is definitely the best time for travel and tourism as they are friendlier and easily open up to new people in this age. Their curiosity can ripe, and they won’t really feel bad about travelling cheap.

Obviously, Travelling also has fantastic benefits for student and professional or any general people. We are supposed to explore new cultures and lifestyles. In travel we can get to explore life opportunities in different places, in case they want to relocate. Here, we are going to discuss on how we can make academic life and traveling fruitful jointly.

Consider what is known as the Field Trip:

When a college talks about field trip than students start to think it as an imposed matter to them. In their mind money might come at first and burden of tasks and duties they might have to do and perform during the trip. But this is not the case if students could understand what the field trip mean.

In fact, field trip is not the burden if we are well prepared about the topic, methodology, respondence and activities. Student can finish data collection and required activities within short time. Rest of the time will be the huge opportunity to know things and place in real and practical life. One can re-study and manage data no matter where they are in the world as long as if there is a good internet connection. While this might sound like a good idea on the surface, one needs to have a good internet connection for it to work.

Get Language and Courses Audio:

In order to utilize traveling time by air or road we can listen and learn many things if we collect audio materials. This is a way one can combine travel and education. There are so many websites out there that allow us to buy those materials in our choice.  The internet has made it very easy for many countries to sell audio courses to people across the world.

We can buy these and listen to them on your computer, tab, and cell phone via headphones while traveling. The length of the course depends on the website or organization however, using audio to combine education and travel provides flexibility and we can learn at your own pace.


Student Exchange Programs:

These days, not only European countries, some other countries are also allowing some of their students to study in other countries. It is known as the Student exchange program where a student can do a 3-months internship in another college or country. Whatever education, experience and qualification they gain when the program is over, will be recognized by authentic universities in the world. While doing internship, obviously students are free from financial burden. During their internship they can enjoy traveling to that particular place to surroundings.

Choose best Course and College that requires you to Study Abroad:

If you are going to study and travel at the same time, you need to enroll in a university that has study abroad programs as basic curriculum. If you are studying foreign languages, most colleges will usually give students the option to study at one of their campuses in other countries if they have any. Courses like tourism may require some sort of traveling abroad to gain much-needed experience in other countries to learn the culture which is most beautiful part of education during travel.

Be optimistic for travelling and start saving money:

We have a deep rooted concept regarding student and their financial status there is always financial crisis in student life. So, there are many students who avoid travelling during their college life because they believe it’s expensive. They also end up wondering how to travel after college, since that’s the time to build a career. Most of the students believe that they can’t afford travelling as a student. In fact, it is the matter of passion about travelling. So, start to collect small amount of money, stop extravagance and make travel possible. Travelling is to be familiar with many new things that might be out of our imagination.

Thus, if we will associate travel and education, our learning can be more practicable, lasting and effective where an individual enjoy real life with learning. To fulfill at least a simple step of this type of adventurous learning, all most of the schools, colleges arrange educational trip every year where responsible parents are compelled to manage requirement and send their child in that excursion.

By Keshab Bahadur Pun


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