Immediate Survival Measures Required for Tourism of India.

25 April, 2020
World Tourism Industry is getting most crucial, terrible situation due to
coronavirus pandemic since last 2 mounts. This situation will remain longer even
after the end of this pandemic. In this regards, Industry body Federation of
Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality (FAITH) requested to the
government for immediate “survival” measures to prevent mass bankruptcy and
crores of unprecedented layoffs in this sector.

This pandemic compelled to entire transaction of the industry to remain completely
frozen and will remain the same even in the financial year 2020-21 too. The crisis
has jeopardized India’s 5 lakh crore tourism industry and employment of an
estimated 3.8 crore jobs, FAITH said in a statement. So, to address the issue of
cash outflows, FAITH has recommended “a complete deferment for twelve months
of all statutory dues payable by tourism, travel and hospitality industry at the
central government, states and municipal government level without attracting any
penal interest”. It is supposed to include GST, advance tax payments, PF, ESI,
customs duties, excise fees, fixed power and water charges and any fees for
licenses and renewal at the state level, it added.

In order to achieve these measures, FAITH further recommended to ‘National
Tourism Task Force’, all relevant ministries of the central government, ministry of
tourism and chief secretaries of state governments and all other stakeholders that
this should be with legislative powers on the lines of GST council for state-wise
standardized tourism response.

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