Inevitability of Tourism Industry after the End of Lockdown

Kathmandu (2 nd May 2020)
Nepali Tourism Industry was supposed to get tremendous progress as Nepal was
lunching ‘Visit Nepal-2020’ campaign and most importantly Nepal had got
sustainable government with strong determination of positive change in Tourism
along with other sectors. Tourism, Cultural and Civil Aviation ministry, Nepal
Tourism Board, Nepal government itself and all other concern authorities were
jointly, actively working for campaign. But Coronavirus Pandemic had made
drastic change in the plan as it has gone just opposite as Nepal is compelled to
lockdown alone with other countries. So, this situation created huge lost,
frustration and panic situation in Tourism; one of the huge and most important
sectors for foreign currency. Here, are some inevitably important issues for
recovery of Tourism Industry which has to be lunched just after the end of

In contemporary situation, tourism minister, Yogesh Bhattarai has already
promised to bring new and effective program of recovery and further progressive
program through this nearly coming national budget. At the same time,
government seems serious and well known about the great impact of coronavirus
in tourism. So, government through tourism ministry has brought various relief
packages already. But still it is not enough to sustained tourism sector thus some of
these major points must be considered.
- Bank Interest rate must be about 2 percent only.
- Loan (Term Loan) must be rescheduled.
- Loan, installment to bank must get gap about 2 years for normal payment.
 Provision of soft loan in 2 percent interest rate.

- Unemployed trekking guides, tourism industry workers must be engaged in
various innovative job like exploration, discovery of new destinations,
infrastructural development and others.

Now is the time to work effectively in government level to sustain private sectors
in Tourism Industry. For this government must be able to promote Nepali tourism
in the world digitally. At the same time they must encourage domestic tourism by
lunching especial campaign like force live, grand for visitors, advertisement and
promotion of new destination, infrastructural development and all. To promote any
destinations, obviously there must have promotion of local culture, food, custom,
language, topography and many other things which is not possible to do only by
government. Thus, local government, provincial government, federal government,
private sectors and all other concern bodies, authorities must joint hand together
for highly achievable recovery campaign in Tourism Industry.

By- Khum Bahadur Subedi                                                                                                                                     President of TAAN

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