Janakpur Airport a best Example of Combine work of three level Govt: Tourism Minister Bhattarai:

December 9, 2020

The Janakpur Airport has got a new look at present that was inaugurated by Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai. During the Inauguration of the new terminal building and control tower at Janakpur airport, the minister has said that the airport has shown the best example of good combination among three-level government. Janakpur is a popular touristic destination, especially for religious tourism.

The joint effort of the local level, provincial and federal level government made success to bring high-level infrastructure development to Janakpurdham. During his speech, he said that the government was positive about naming the airport as Janakpurdham Airport. He added it is the glory and importance of Janakpurdham. As it is most popular for religious tourism centre which is also significant of civilization and culture that must be promoted.

Minister further emphasized the necessity for discussion, coordination and partnership among all concern authorities for its smooth administrative cum technical function. He again highlighted for cooperation to solve the obstacles in expanding the runway of the airport.

Bhattarai expressed that interest of the government to develop Janakpur Airport as a hub for inter-provincial and international air service. In the program, Ramnaresh Raya, Provincial Minister of Industry, Forest, Environment and Tourism said that there is the requirement of the realization of the goal of initiating direct air service from Janakpurdham to the Indian states of Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Furthermore, the terminal building was made 53 years ago that was replaced by a new one. The construction was completed only after 8 years though the target was of only 2 years. The construction will add a facility in air service from Janakpur that will help to add domestic tourism. As it very important place for Ram Sita in Hindu region, many devotees visit Janakpurdham.


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