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Louvre Museum Reopened after 16 Weeks:

July 7, 2020

The world’s most visited museum, Louvre is reopened now from Monday after 16 weeks long coronavirus shutdown but with nearly a third of its galleries still shut. Mona Lisa and its vast antiquities collection are accessible during this time but other galleries where social distancing is more difficult will remain closed to reduce the risk of Coronavirus.

The crowd are maintained in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece for a selfie, as visitors warned that they will have to stick to standing on well-distanced spots marked on the floor for physical distancing. To avoid bottlenecks, arrows are guiding visitors through the labyrinth of galleries, with doubling back banned, the museum informed.

Furthermore, this museum was visited by 9.6 million international tourist total 70 per cent of the Louvre’s visitors last year and with tourism at a standstill, Martinez told AFP that numbers could drop sharply. Anyway, at least little step will give positive impact in tourism of the nation and will help to give economic move.


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