Lumbini: Now we can Visit as it Opened Doors for Visitors:

November 19, 2020

The government of Nepal has recently declared to resume all tourism activities in Nepal. Although, the authority for the final decision to resume various touristic activities has been given to the local government; the MoCTCA is preparing to resume all touristic activities.  In this regards, Lumbini; the birthplace of Gautam Buddha has opened the doors for visitors.

Lumbini remained closed for seven months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But now the Lumbini administration has decided to allow visit for domestic cum international tourists. Sanuraja Shakya, the Member Secretary for Lumbini Development Fund has said that they had opened the tourist destination following the government decision to open tourist destinations by adopting health protocols. The LDF further said that both foreign and domestic tourists are mandatory to use face masks compulsorily while entering the sacred site.

The Lumbini was beautified during the lockdown to lure the tourists. During this time the tourists will not be allowed to enter Maya Devi temple. For time being tourists can stroll and observe the Ashok pillar, Puskarini Pond and Shanti garden, along with others. The provision of taking temperature and mandatory of the facemask has been implemented to all tourists entering Maya Devi temple.

The LDF Chief Officer Gyanin Rai and Vice-chair Abadesh Kumar Tripathi have said that this office had expedited beautification and clean-up program during the lockdown. Furthermore, the Lumbini Development Fund (LDF) had utilized time of lockdown and has planted trees around Maya Devi temple and repaired the archaeologically significant structures in the area. This decision will help to accelerate tourism activities in the local area.

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