Luxury Panoramic Train Journey to offer by Amanjiwo:

November 24, 2020

Tourism across the world is getting gradual progress. To get the recovery, various countries and their local level are announcing different packages. In this regard, a luxurious train voyage across the heart of Central Java will be available from December 10 of this year.

The trip starts from Jakarta’s Gambir Station and ends at Amanjiwo Hotel, a luxurious compound located within a secluded hilly area near the Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java. It is a 500-kilometre trip with full of luxury. For this, the trains are provided. In this 7-hour journey, the passengers are welcomed in the station’s exclusive lounge. During the journey, passengers can also unwind while the vibrant dynamics of Jakarta outside the carriage windows slowly turn into a refreshing view of pea-green paddy fields and countryside villages.

While travelling the passengers will be served breakfast and lunch prepared by the Amanjiwo Hotel. At the same time, passengers will also enjoy tea and champagne on board with panoramic view. This will be more fantastic as Patrick Vanhoebrouck, Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist will share historic and cultural highlights to the travellers. The trip will end at Yogyakarta’s Tugu Station. From there the passengers will be transferred to the hotel. In the hotel, people will be engaged with various activities and events.

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