Merry Christmas: Madeira Announced ‘Christmas Tourism Campaign’:

November 18, 2020

Tourism is getting gradual recovery in the world. As per the previous record, it will take till 2024 to get full recovery to achieve the status of 2019. This time, as Christmas is very near, Madeira has announced ‘Christmas Tourism Campaign’ to accelerate the pace of the tourism activities in the area.

Madeira is the home for some of the most beautiful beaches, sunshine and culture in Europe. But the Covid-19 pandemic compelled remain shut for long period due to the same reason many guests have not been able to experience and enjoy all that the archipelago has to be offered. After understanding the need of this time, the Madeira Promotion Bureau has decided to launch a special campaign in the title ‘Madeira: It’s time for a different Christmas’.  This time, it has expected to invite a huge number of visitors who will be enjoying a unique Christmas and New Years’ experience.

As per the plan, it will combine the brilliance of all attractive things that it has to offer to make it different. It is said that it can be enjoyed individually or with loved ones during one of the most special days of the year. During this period, it will boast Christmas lights, end of year festivities, fireworks and food and unique that is exclusive to the island itself.

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