More than Three Thousand Nepali Citizens Returned within Three Weeks:

21 June 2020

The government of Nepal has been conducting rescue flights from different
countries all over the world. So, within these three weeks of campaign 3,108
overseas stranded Nepalese citizens have returned homeland. The government’s
repatriation campaign has intensified since June 5.

The rescue campaign is being conducted in joint initiative of the National
Committee of the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), the Diplomatic
Mission of the Government of Nepal and all other concern authorities. According
to the record of NRNA, 118 Nepalese have returned from Malaysia, 317 from the
UAE and 898 from Kuwait, 13 from Japan, 18 from Afghanistan, 7 from Hong
Kong, 26 from Myanmar and 11 from Australia. Likewise, 258 people have
returned from Bangladesh, 313 from Oman, 305 from the Maldives, 146 from
Cambodia and Singapore and 248 from Thailand. At the same time, 44 Nepalese
have returned from Qatar, 5 from Sri Lanka, 153 from Saudi Arabia and 228 from
South Korea so far.

At the meantime, the process of bringing the death bodies of Nepalese also been
started. Till the date 40 death bodies have arrived from different countries to
Nepal. So far, 20 bodies have been brought from Qatar, 11 from Malaysia, 6 from
Kuwait, one each from Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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