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NAC Flew to China to bring Nepal Army G2G COVID-19 med-Kit

Nepal airlines

For medical supplies purposes Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) wide-body plane will fly to China today evening. The health materials have been procured by the Nepal Army (NA) as Nepal government had given permission to Nepal Army to complete all procedures on the basis of G-G policy. 

Bigyan Dev Panday, the NA Spokesperson informed that the wide-body plane will fly to Guangzhou to bring the medical materials to Nepal that are related to Coronavirus. It will be backed with around 28.66 tons medical supplies from Guangzhou on this Thursday. The NA had earlier planned to bring some 47.5 tons of the 341 tons of health supplies from China by air and the rest by land. Furthermore NA has successfully brought 18.84 tons on May 19. 

Due to lockdown as a consequence of Coronavirus pandemic TIA has these types of flights only. Planes are scheduled to have evacuative flights, medical supplies or any health and disaster related emergency flights only.  These activities showed the miserable condition of tourism in Nepal. 

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