NAC, fourth times been Suspended in Hongkong:

December 5, 2020

The Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), the government and the national flag carrier have been suspended again for the fourth times by Hongkong. Recently, Hong Kong imposed a 14-day ban on flights of NAC to the Hongkong; special administrative region of China.

This is because of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test results. Last time, the passengers that NAC carried were found positive for Covid-19 after being in Hongkong although negative repost was on the hand of Nepali passenger produced from Lab in Nepal. On this behalf, NAC had already urged to conduct in the trusted lab and it earlier announced that only tests conducted in government labs would be accepted for flights. But again, the results from the government labs were also found to be inaccurate. The several fault cases of Covid-19 result ultimately Hong Kong has banned NAC’s flights. This is another great impact in the tourism industry and the reputation of the nation too.

Karishma Shrestha, spokesperson for NAC informed that five passengers who had departed for Hong Kong on NAC’s flight on Monday had tested positive for the COV- ID-19 infection. The passengers were having PCR test negative result on their hand but found fault in Hongkong. It was the day where NAC had resumed its flight to Hong Kong after a third two-week ban due to some reasons. As it has got again suspended it will be able to resume flights to Hong Kong only on December 18. The case of one after another is insulting Nepal and its health quality as well as sometimes raise big questions mark on the corruption behind this.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NAC is currently conducting only one flight a week to Hong Kong from Nepal. So, as per the current flight schedule, only two flights have been affected. But still, it is the big issue on NAC reputation; Shrestha added. Earlier than this, Hong Kong had suspended NAC’s flights twice in October and November.

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