Nepal Welcomed 218,173 International Visitors in last 10 Months:

November 6, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic left the worst impact on tourism that reduced international tourists in Nepal remarkably. The report shows Nepal welcomed only 218,173 foreign visitors within 10 months. Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) had published the data that showed the number till the end of October.

This is the miserable condition as it covers only 18.22 per cent of the total foreigners who had visited Nepal last year. The record shows 1,197,191 international tourists in 2019. Mani Lamichhane, director of Research, Planning and Monitoring Department at NTB informed that the board had formed a task force to study the situation of the international tourism market, touristic destinations, the best time for the international destinations are opening, and what protocols they have adopted etc.  He also said that the arrival of international tourists is gradually increasing in the country, which shows that adventure lovers are still keen to travel in Nepal even at this time.

At the same time, tourism entrepreneurs reflect the scope of the tourism industry with some conditions as they said that if tourist visas are eased, a rapid but reliable COVID-19 testing system is managed at the airports and quarantine period for foreign tourists is waived off, more tourists are likely to visit Nepal even in this period which must be done soonest possible to get recovery for the tourism industry.

Furthermore, NTB had launched the ‘DESH DARSHAN PROGRAM’ on September 26 to promote domestic tourism where NTB further formed a domestic tourism revival committee on October 21 in every province to get the recovery on the tourism industry which has got paralyzed due to Coronavirus pandemic.

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