Nepal Welcomed 220,120 International Tourists Within this 11 Months of 2020:

December 4, 2020

The year Nepal was planning to welcome more than 2 million international tourists. For that Government of Nepal had launched ‘Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign’. The Coronavirus pandemic that started from Wuhan, China in last of 2019 impacted very badly. The pandemic compelled to shrink the tourism industry that could hardly welcome only 220,120 international tourists over the last 11 months.

The Department of Immigration (DoI) informed that only 220,120 tourists arrived in Nepal. This is the record of the last 11 months as December, last month of 2020 has begun. The follow of tourist was quite satisfactory in between January to March but the ratio got miserable condition due to Lockdown. The government had imposed a nationwide lockdown from March 24 that halted the arrival of tourists in the country.

Only a few visitors under special condition were coming to Nepal via chartered flights for a long period of time. That compelled the tourism industry to remain in a coma. The DoI report revealed that after the government lifted restrictions on tourist arrivals from October 17, the number of tourists entering the country is gradually increasing. During the current period, the tourism industry has been getting gradual recovery. The report further shows that a total of 1,947 tourists arrived in Nepal via different flights in November. At the same time, 1,874 have come to Nepal in October. As per the report, 447 tourists arrived from America, 295 tourists came from the United Kingdom (UK). At the same time, 209 tourists arrived from China and 123 from India.

At present, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) have initiated to resume Nepal-India and Nepal-Bangladesh regular flights soonest possible. After the resumption of normal flights, it will help to enhance the tourism industry in Nepal. The government of Nepal now is conducting infrastructural development for the tourism industry. At the same time, it is promoting domestic tourism.

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