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New Conduct to Lift Tourism Sector in Caribbean Island:

17 April, 2020

Different practice has been done by various persons and organizations for recovery of tourism sector which has been gone almost in coma by coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). In this context, St. Lucia has launched a fund-raising appeal for local tourism sector in Caribbean Island which is bitterly suffering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tourism is the main occupation for the citizens from Caribbean Island.  Roughly 400,000 guests visited in 2019. However, that number was expected to fall sharply this year. Unfortunately “Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on our economic stability creating shortages and limited access to critical and life-sustaining supplies such as food and personal protective equipment,” said St Lucia minister of tourism, Dominic Fedee.

He explains the government of the island has been working with local partners to make sure whether basic needs are fulfilled or not. In the same circumstance, it is distributing more than 10,000 emergency care packages with necessities including vegetables, fruit, hygiene items, baby supplies and non-perishables.  “But still as an island community where tourism means everything, we are in crisis and we need your help,” said Fedee. He further added “We are grateful for donations of any dollar amount”.

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