New Guidance for Airlines Issued by Department of Transport UK:

12 June 2020

The department for transport of UK has published new aviation guidance with the
measures that will protect staff and passengers in airlines and will pace the tourism
which is backbone of economy. It includes guidance for passengers too on how to
travel safely and on how to follow social distancing measures at each stage of their
journey that is must essential to control spread of Coronavirus.

The guidance outlines a framework for the industry to re-operate from once travel
restrictions are lifted. At the same time, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
continues to advise against all non-essential travel to anywhere in the world. In this
regard, the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, said that this guidance is a positive
next step towards ensuring a safer and more sustainable for aviation sector.

The guidance to operators will also support staff by promoting safe practices and
workplaces. Guidance includes extensive cleaning of aircraft, increasing the
availability of hand washing and hand sanitizer facilities, reducing face-to-face
interactions with passengers, and introducing protocols for symptomatic
passengers and staff.

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