New Tourism Act must help to Sustain Nepali Tourism:

14 June 2020

At present the government of Nepal is seriously working on planning and working
on promotion of tourism industry. In this regards the government through the
Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has prepared a draft
of the new Tourism Act that is supposed to be a milestone for development of
Tourism in Nepal. The government called stakeholders for further suggestions to
make the act more effective and sustainable. The new act will replace the existing
42-year-old tourism act.

The tourism sector stakeholders have suggested to the ministry for promoting
sustainable tourism industry and generating more jobs opportunities through the
new Tourism Act. Recently, tourism associations e.g. Trekking Agencies’
Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association, Hotel
Association Nepal, Tourist Bus Association of Nepal, Nepal Association of Tour
and Travel Agents, and other associations jointly submitted recommendations to
Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai and Tourism Secretary Kedar Bahadur
Adhikari at the same time.

In this context they have said that the MoCTCA has drafted the new Tourism Act
that seems very positive for the sector but still we have suggested to the ministry to
ensure sustainable development of the sector through the new act. The stakeholders
had also requested the government to make it mandatory for tourists to hire a guide
on a trip or on a trek.

Furthermore, they also requested the government to provide more space for tourist
vehicle operators and bring precise rules to them. The private sector also wants one
member to represent the sector in executive committee of Nepal Tourism Board so
that planning can be helpful to make sustain.

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