New Tourism Act to be Tabled for Tremendous Changes:

30 May, 2020

The Tourism Industry is being hot issue of discussion in the nation and world-
widely as it has got devastating impact due to Coronavirus pandemic. After being
badly affected by this crisis, concern authorities are making plan and trying to
boost tourism just after the end of current COVID-19 crisis.

For the same reason, tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai has assured that the issues
of the mountaineering sector and entire tourism development will be addressed
through the new Tourism Act, which will be tabled in parliament soonest possible.
He addressed on the occasion of “ 13th International Sagarmatha Day” and
explained that ministry and concern authorities is holding several discussions with
the stakeholders regarding the new Tourism Act and it will soon be tabled at the
Parliament for approval that will certainly bring tremendous changes in tourism
sector of the nation. He further said that the new act will ensure security and other
basic rights of the climbers during their expeditions as well as help generate more
jobs in the sector.

While ensuring the stakeholders minister Bhattarai added that the government is
planning to establish Climbers’ Welfare Fund that will ensure the safety of
employed in the sector. For that minister is hopeful for cooperation from the
private sector and other foreign stakeholders in order to establish this fund.

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