No Flights till May 15:

April 26, 2020
Government of Nepal has decided to suspend domestic cum international flights
till May 15 of this year. The High-Level Coordination Committee for the
Prevention and Control of COVID-19 decided to continue suspending domestic
and international flights till May 15 as a precautionary measure against the
coronavirus epidemic.

This suspend was supposed to be over by April 30 but due to increasing cases of
infection, the high level committee decided accordingly. Minister of Culture,
Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai told that the committee had assessed
the risk of COVID-19 infection and concluded that the risk had not yet abated and
hence the lockdown should not be lifted immediately although the final decision
should made by council of minister.

Regarding Lockdown, there are different versions as some people are suggesting
applying quite relaxing in the method e.g. restarting the companies, factories with
locally available workers and stop public transportation as it is. Whereas some are
still arguing for continuation of strict lockdown as health is major concern than
economic activities. Anyway proper decision will be taken by the government of

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