No Fret for Communication: Everest Base Camp has 5G:

23 April, 2020

Everest base camp is experiencing 5G coverage now. So, climbers will enjoy fastest communication system. The first 3G connection from Base Camp was established in late October of 2010.

To honor the occasion, of 20th birthday of China Mobile, the carrier overhauled the 177km transmission line that connects the Base Camp to its main network. This line now powers three 5G base stations and three 4G ones. There’s a team of twelve people providing 24/7 technical support. It is very good support to Nepal as well as to the climbers from all around the world.

China is fund of making new record in every sector. According to national slogan, China Mobile will go even higher – two more 5G base stations are expected to be completed this Friday.

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