NTB is going for Branding Nepal for Tourism:

10 May, 2020

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has made plan to focus on branding Nepal during
recovery period. The Chief Executive Officer of NTB Dr.Dhannajay Regmi had said that the major focus of the board will be on branding Nepal during the recovery period.

CEO Dr.Regmi further expressed strong determination to focus on branding Nepal as a healing, natural and wellness destination, and a massive digital promotion during the recovery period. At the same time, the participating professors of interactive program worried on moving towards sustainable and quality tourism with a benchmark for hygiene and sanitation in the post-crisis period to gain consumer high satisfaction.

In the program there were some important issues like mind-full tourism, economic stimulation package, quality livelihood for ‘reshaping, rethinking and redesigning of tourism in these changing times. In the response of suggestions, CEO Regmi assured of his commitment to work closely with the private sector in the recovery period for a quick bounce-back. The spirit of the government and NTB is to work in joint venture with private sector her further added.

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  1. Sudarshan paudel

    Brading for what? Why? Why ir is necessary? How you categorise? There will be any requirements?

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