Offering and Receiving Tika, Jamara & Bless is Continue:

October 27, 2020

The main day of Bada Dashin is over but offering and receiving of ‘Tika’ ‘Jamara’ and blessing is continues. This is the eleventh day of Dashain which goes till 15th day ritually.  As per the custom, the elders give tika and Jamara and bless to the junior members of the family.

This festival is practically on the theme of our Nepali culture ‘Respect to seniors and love to Junior’ where the family elders put tika on the forehead of and give Jamara to the juniors on the occasion of Bijaya Dashami as the blessings. According to Hindu myth the ‘Jamara’ and ‘Tika’ are considered as auspicious and the blessings of the goddess Nawa Durga. This activity goes continue from 10th day to 15-day of Bada Dashain festival which is also considered the greatest festival for Hindus in Nepal where all other people also celebrate it with religious harmony.

People observe the various associated rituals like worshipping the nine forms of the goddess called Nawa Durga, who symbolises power and victory. It is also celebrated to honour the victory of truth and good over evil. At the same time, it is the best time for family reunion and celebration as people who have gone away from home to outside places or abroad for work return home during Dashain. But Coronavirus pandemic has made these festivals very different than all other past years but people are enjoying and celebrating as per the demand of time.

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