Pokhara Reopened International Mountain Museum from Tuesday:

November 25, 2020

The International Mountain Museum in Pokhara got reopened after eight months-long closure. Coronavirus pandemic compelled to Pokhara Metropolitan City-17 to close for a long period of time. Now, visitors can visit the museum with health protocols from Tuesday.

The museum was established by the Nepal Mountaineering Association where a total of 33 tourists visited on the first day of its resumption. Shankar Gautam, the Director at the museum has said that the museum has been reopened by fully adopting health safety protocols. This museum is very special for cultural studies as the materials reflect the life of people in the Himalayas, as well as activities that have been taken place so far on the world’s peaks to date, the mountains, effects of climate change, rocks and wildlife, have been kept on display in the museum. This museum covers 100 Ropanis of land with a beautiful natural view. This museum one of the best destinations for domestic tourists who are interested in a study on the lifestyle of Nepali people from different castes and regions. Those who visit the Pokhara must not forget to visit this museum for their lifetime achievement.

Furthermore, the administration has mentioned the tickets-fair like this; Rs 50 for the student, Rs 100 for Nepali general citizen. At the same time, Rs 200 need to be paid by visitors from SAARC and Rs 500 for other international tourists.  Additional Rs 30 will be charged for entering into the garden. This time, many touristic destinations in Nepal are gradually reopening for visitors. Although, the pandemic is not in control even international tourists are also visiting Nepal even at this time.

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