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Post COVID-19 Recovery Plan Must be Eco-Friendly

Recovery Plan Must be Eco-Friendly

The clean environment is not only the motivational factors of tourism but also concerned directly to the health, mind and entire economic cum cultural activities. In this regard, more than 200 UK business leaders have urged the government to invest in an environmentally friendly project as Covid-19 recovery project which will meet the line with climate goals. 

Global warming, climate change were the hot issues before Covid-19. So, this is the right time to plan for green. So, those people are calling to the government to deliver a Covid-19 recovery plan that prioritizes the environment. They say to put efforts to repair the economy which should support the government’s commitment to tackle the climate change crisis. Focusing support on sectors that can best support the environment, increase job creation and foster the recovery. Putting strings on financial support to ensure firms getting bailout cash are well managed, and in step with climate goals.

They come from both multinational and national businesses across industry sectors including energy, finance, consumer goods, retail, construction, water and communication. Implementing an ambitious ‘green’ recovery package, with clear pathways for companies to build aligned strategies and for investors to direct capital into ‘green’ projects at scale is now a matter of necessity, not choice.” This project and plan will obviously give a positive effect to tourism. 

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