President Bhandari Requested Nepali Women to Celebrate Teej with Safety Measures:

August 21, 2020

The government of Nepal has already declared a curfew, seal, restriction whatever necessary in the particular part of the nation. In this regards, first lady president of Nepal,  Bidhya Devi Bhandari has urged Nepali women to celebrate Teej festival by adopting safety standards set by the Nepal government as well as WHO.

In this greatest festival of women, Haritalika Teej; president Bhandari has wished peace, happiness and prosperity to all the Nepali people at home and abroad. In her messages, she said, “Cultural festivals are helping us maintaining unity in diversity, religious tolerance and brotherhood, sisterhood among the Nepali people.” At the same time, the President has urged the women to celebrate the festival maintaining its original flavour and frugality with high health safety to stay away from infection of Coronavirus pandemic.

In the message, she has expressed hope that this festival may help end racial and gender discrimination in the Nepali society that lies in deep-rooted form. We can celebrate these festivals in huge mass like in previous years but this time government is requesting people to stay inside the house and not to conduct any gathering.

After threatening record of Covid-19 case people are found celebrating within small group remaining inside with the family only. Some are found conducting small celebration along with children having danced in the Teej song. Although, the situation is panic outside due to pandemic but Nepali women are trying to adjust fear, anxiety to remain happy, healthy and prosperous as per the wish of President Bhandari.

In this Teej, some family and couple are found sharing their couple dance in social media where some are limited within a selfie. No matter how we Nepali women and whole citizens celebrate Teej of this year, they are sticky suggested following health protocols which are most important in this time.  Police are arresting the cunning people if they are found neglecting government order regarding the contemporary pandemic.

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