Prohibitory Order reached to 47 Districts out of 77 in Nepal:

August 24, 2020

The case of Coronavirus pandemic is breaking its record every day that compelled to various local levels of 47 districts in Nepal to declared prohibitory order at present.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has informed that the prohibitory order has been reached to 47 districts out of 77 in Nepal in the contemporary period. The Ministry further stated that the local administrations of these districts have imposed the restrictive order in order to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the community level.

The Ministry had issued directives to the concerned district administration offices as well as the police to take necessary action to the particular people or any group if they misbehaving to the health workers as well as if they are found not following health protocols. Chakra Bahadur Budha, the spokesperson of the Ministry has said that the administrations of 77 districts have been instructed in that connection.

During this time, the most essential services, businesses distributing water and medical supplies including medicines will be allowed to operate round the clock while the other businesses and shops will be allowed to operate only up to 9.15 AM in the morning.

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