“Rediscover Jamaica” a Domestic Tourism Campaign:

July 22, 2020

The Jamaica Tourist Board has launched a ‘Rediscover Jamaica program’ to promote domestic tourism during this pandemic period. It is expected to encourage local citizens to taste, see, feel and enjoy the tourism product.

Jamaicans will safely enjoy the island with their friends and family as JTB renewing and upgrading the tourism process.  The rush of adventure, the beauty of nature, pristine horizons, or simply the relaxation of the beach are experiences Jamaicans will enjoy once more.

In general day’s travellers from many countries come to this island for a complete vacation experience and it called home by many visitors; expressed the happiness by Donovan White, Jamaica director of tourism. He added “We are excited to welcome our residents with the assurance that their vacation in Jamaica will be full of unforgettable moments.

Furthermore, the campaign aims to generate interest in and use of the tourism facilities available on the island, including accommodations, attractions, transportation and shopping.

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