Regular Flights for Aboard Stranded Nepali: Recommendation of CCMC:

November 9, 2020

The Crisis Management Centre for Coronavirus pandemic has recommended bringing Nepali via regular flights. CCMC has recently recommended to the government of Nepal saying that there are only a few Nepali to be evacuated from aboard.

Mahendra Guragain, the member secretary of CCMC has informed that the committee has recommended the government to stop evacuation flights and to rescue via regular flights. He further said that the diplomatic missions from different countries have informed that there are only a few Nepalese left in abroad. He said; “As regular flights have already resumed operations, the remaining stranded Nepalese can be brought back by regular flights. So it is not necessary to continue evacuation flights.” He again said that returning of stranded Nepalese will be continuing for a few more days.

The record shows that a total of 136,216 Nepali citizens stranded in different countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been brought back to the country via 911 evacuation flights. During that period, few regular passengers and foreigners have also entered in Nepal. Furthermore, CCMC is preparing a report to be submitted in the cabinet.


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