Sailung: Domestic and International Tourists are Reaching Remarkably in Sailung:

November 24, 2020

The domestic and international tourists are starting to reach Sailung in remarkable number during this time. This area is located to Ramechhap district of Nepal. The tourism industry is gradually recovering in Nepal and Sailung is able to attract more tourists during this time.

Coronavirus pandemic has badly impacted tourism since Nepal had gone to lockdown from 24th March. During this time, the various local-level government are launching different program and campaign to promote tourism in the local areas. For that, they are promoting locally available resources and touristic destinations. The local also did the same in Sailung that made possible to welcome more tourists. So, the domestic and international tourists have reached the area to enjoy the view of the sunrise and mountain ranges, among others from this point.

Tourists are attracted towards Sailung for observing the natural beauty at Sayathumka, Sange Marmoche and Padam Sambhav, among other famous places. For the tourism promotion, Sailung festival was organized last year that helped to receive remarkable numbers of tourists this year. Views of more than 100 natural peaks and other mountains are the attractions of Sailung.

Dawa Tamang, a local expressed his happiness to welcome visitors from different districts.  He said, “Domestic tourists from different districts are visiting Sailung to enjoy the view of the Himalayan ranges and natural beauty.”  He further informed that visitor can reach the tourist destination through Mude of Sindhupalchowk.

Sailung is also can be reached through Manthali, Khimti, Phulashi, Doramba and Khandadevi too. This place is visited by many international tourists from India and other countries for not only for tourism but also for religious purpose. As per the present records, more than 100 tourists reach Sailung daily. Previous reports show that only famous personalities used to visit Sailung in past but after the promotion and some infrastructural development now everyone reaches the area to enjoy the natural beauty.

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