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Sherpas are Insulted during Coronavirus Pandemic:

18 April, 2020

Country of Sherpa is popular to called Nepal in Tourism Industry as it is also called country of  Mt. Everest. It is also called country of Gautam Buddha which is most common in spirituality likewise this is the country of Gurkhas that is most significant word in Nepali history. There are many things to name for Nepal which is unique and world in itself. But today’s major concern is all about Sherpa who is synonyms of  Nepali tourism who are most hardworking, brave, honest citizens of Nepal mostly living in Himalayan region. At the moment Sherpas are not working in the mountains due to cancelation of  Everest and other Himalayas climbing trips caused by coronavirus pandemic and emergency announcement of lockdown. But they are misused by many unofficial, nongovernmental organizations as they are collecting money in the name of Sherpas without any legal procedures and transparency.

Sherpas are truly innocent; they are in trouble which is bitter reality but some trekking agencies who are established in the in or out of the country are portraying most miserable condition of Sherpas that is extremely insulting to those independent brave people. At the same time, that huge amount is not going to be properly utilized and distribute to concern people which is easy to say on the basis of past experiences.

Recently, a controversy about fund raising through go fund me is being serious issue to discuss as some companies have started fundraising in the name of Sherpa and Sherpa community. In the go fund me page some reputed expeditions companies are raising a fund that is said to help for Sherpas. Most of the companies have used word “Sherpa” and it came to a controversial after news was published titled financial collusion defaming Sherpa in the Nepali news.

There were negative and positive criticisms on the news in social media. In this issue, some Sherpas have also have said that they are raising fund for their staffs and they did not do it but their partner companies are willing to support the climbing Sherpas. Some other have told that when guests are willing to support there is no problem and that’s good and some Sherpas has wrote that the companies who are raising fund should provide name list of their staff for transparency but they should not mention a communities name which is insulting and not fair.

For the same issue, some says people who are criticizing on this article had also done fund raising during the devastating earthquake; why there big issue now. If their guest are willing to support it’s not a problem but the fund should go to the right people in a right way that must be the major concern. Some says companies are using our name to benefit them as company who are not employing Sherpas guides has mentioned fund to support Sherpas which has big doubt on proper utilization of fund. If they are raising fund for their staff they should raise fund with the details of staff and guides that mean not to mention the word Sherpas which indicate to whole Sherpas and sherpa community.

Beside those fund-raising companies, there are many other Sherpas who are involved in the trekking and mountaineering field and lost the job who are obviously not going to be benefited by this campaign. Since most of the Sherpas are involved in trekking and mountaineering filed, if they could raise the fund for all the workers this would have been great job. It could be better if this activity was lunch through one authentic institution with government supervision and on the base of transparency system. Many people are worried; if the fund will be misused, the name of Sherpa will be once more misused for others benefit.

Government is taking very seriously about impact of coronavirus in tourism industry which comes at first than all others as it is the industry of industries. Nepal Tourism Board is collecting data of tourism industry and its workers to analysis and plan for compensation. Government of Nepal is planning to prepare appropriate package of compensation to the tourism industry in Nepal. In this regards, if every programs of recovery, compensation will be from one gate and one hand, there could have well manage and every victimized person could get benefit.

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