Simikot Airport will be Upgraded as Tourism Hub: Minister Bhattarai:

December 2, 2020

The Simikot Airport is welcoming many travellers from India for Mansarover. As it is the gateway for those Hindu devotees; has to develop as tourism hub that tourism minister Yogesh Bhattarai stated. This airport is able to give service for 30, 000 tourist per annum in a normal year. The Coronavirus pandemic obviously impacted it badly.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) Yogesh Bhattarai said that the airport in Simikot of Humla is as equally important as Lukla airport of Solukhumbu that has to be developed as a tourist hub in upcoming days. He further said that this Simikot is equally important as Lukla in terms of tourist flow and its service. Minister added, the airlines serving the Nepalgunj-Simikot and Simikot-Hilsa sector make good earning that make sure that Humla should be developed as a religious and cultural hub as well.

The culture of this area is unique that can attract more tourists from all over the world, Minister Bhattarai stated. He further requested to concern stakeholders to develop the infrastructure by making a master plan keeping in mind the diversity of tourism. Minister again announced that ministry is ever ready to extend all possible support for the development of tourism industry in Humla. During his declaration, he also instructed the concerned authorities to accelerate the pace of infrastructural development along with the construction of aprons and parking lot at Simikot Airport to enhance the quality service.

Tourism Minister Bhattarai has also been in the Nepalgunj airport. During his speech after inaugurating new construction there, he said that Nepalgunj airport will be upgraded to international standard. He further said that master plan for the up-gradation of Nepalgunj airport to international level is under discussion at the Cabinet. At the same time, he further informed that up-gradation of Surkhet, Biratnagar and Mahendranagar airports is ongoing at present. The up-gradation and continuous promotion of tourism destinations are expected to promote the business of tourism industry.

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