Stop! Entering Go to Quarantine:

15 May, 2020

During these days, Nepal is getting high threatening condition by Coronavirus
pandemic so Nepal’s federal government and local government is making
lockdown more effective by locking border points. In this context more than 800
Nepali citizens are stopped at the Indian side of Nepal-India border in Nepalgunj.

The Nepalgunj locals who came from other parts are kept at the quarantine made in
Mahendra Multiple Campus, while other local people of Banke district are sent to
the quarantine of the respective local levels. At the same time, other parts people
are also sent to their districts. Bagmati province has locked an important transit
from Hedauda side. At the same time Gulmi district along with some other have
lock their district in order to control spreading of Coronavirus pandemic.

Till the date Nepal get 249 people have already get infection where 35 people are
already return to their home after recovery. There is no any death record by this
virus but increasing ratio is very dangerous. So, it is most essential to remain in
high alert by every individual.

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