The Supreme Court Order: Risky Travel should be managed:

18 April, 2020

People are compelled to travel with high risks due to scarcity of basic needs in their temporary inhabitant where they might be living for job opportunity, study, and business and so on. In this regards, the Supreme Court has issued an interim order asking the government for safely transport stranded especially to poor people to their hometowns.

After continue lockdown, especially many working class people in the city are moving towards their hometown on foot or by any transportation illegally. Government of Nepal is trying its best to provide basic supplementary like food for working class but many people are deprived on it. So, they are walking in group with high risk and just opposite to lockdown.

The Supreme Court also remained transportation must be only after conducting rapid tests on them. Daily wagers and poor people, who have lost shelter and jobs in urban centers due to the extended nationwide lockdown, have been walking for hours to reach home, which is most risky job and it is the matter of reputation of the nation and responsibilities of government towards the citizens. The order was issued by a division bench of justices Ananda Mohan Bhattarai and Sapana Pradhan Malla in response to a writ petition filed by Senior Advocate Prakash Mani Sharma and others against the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers and others.

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