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TIA Prepared New Travel Guidelines for Domestic Flights

After the devastating impact created by Coronavirus the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) has prepared all necessary guidelines for domestic flights. All necessary structures have been already prepared at TIA. Physical distance between the passengers is maintained and there is no overcrowding.

According to new measures;

  • All the passengers and staff should follow the health Standards set by the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization.
  • Entire passengers will have to maintain physical distance strictly.
  • Passengers shall show a report of PCR or RDT before traveling.
  • Distance of at least 1 meter should be maintained at the check-in counter, ramp bus, ticketing counter, cargo and other places at TIA.
  • Before boarding, everyone’s hands will be sanitized and only four people will be allowed to board at a time. 
  • Transportation of pets won’t be allowed for time being.
  • No foods will be served except water and use of toilets will be prohibited during flights.
  • Particular airlines shall also prepare necessary guidelines to comply with TIA rules.
  • The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has also started preparing guidelines for international flights.

So, many airports, malls and business parts of Europe and others are applying this kind of measures and gradually reopening. In Nepal also, the government seems interested to change the modality of lockdown and to give move of economy but it is still not sure. Travel industry is begging for a special relief package in its great loss as the Nepal government is preparing a new budget for the upcoming fiscal year. 


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