Tourism Minister said EU will Remove Nepal from Flight Restricted List soonest:

November 28, 2020

The Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has been working its best to go for tourism recovery. The tourism industry has been getting bad impact by Covid-19. In this regards, MoCTCA minister Yogesh Bhattarai has claimed that Nepal is all set to get removed from the list of flight restrictions that were imposed by the European Union.

While launching the Aviation Safety Report 2020 minister said that the aviation sector of the country has achieved satisfactory progress in recent days. He further focused on the rectification the lapses mentioned by the EU that will keep Nepal in its safety list soon. While giving his logic he gave the example of domestic aviation sector that has achieved satisfactory progress and met the demands of the EU too. So, the minister was very confident that the EU will remove Nepal from its safety list. He again said that the safety standard of Nepal’s aviation sector is also high comparatively and the flight safety report of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has also stated that it is not necessary for EU to keep Nepal in the same list.

Minister Bhattarai added the Nepal government will soon begin the procedure to submit a proposal to the EU requesting it to remove Nepal from its safety list. While submitting proposal it will complete all the due legal processes, procedures and all necessary technical report too. The Aviation Safety Report 2020 prepared by CAAN shows that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has set 60 per cent of the safety standard rate so far. While talking about Nepal Nepal’s fresh safety standard rate it is already 67 per cent that is more than the standard rate of ICAO.

Director-General of CAAN Rajan Pokhrel explained most of the Asian nations’ safety standard rate is only 64. As Nepal has 67 per cent there is no reason to keep Nepal in the previous status.  During this time, Nepal is trying to resume international flights to India and Bangladesh. Although, the impact of the pandemic is to continue the number of international visitors is gradually increasing and the new effort of MoCTCA and government towards the EU will help to enhance the tourism industry in Nepal.

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